Choosing between Stick-Built and Modular: Which Is the Best Option for You?

Choosing between a stick-built home and a modular home can be an overwhelming task. Each construction has advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, it all comes down to what is best for you and your family.. I’ve created this blog post with some information that might help you make your decision easier when it’s time to decide on the type of home you want.

What’s the Difference between a Stick-Built Home and a Modular Home?

You may have seen a lot of different kinds of houses when you were looking for a home. But the perfect one can be found in an area where your budget is enough. But some words are confusing to understand, like modular vs. stick-built homes. These two terms describe how the house was built but not what materials were used. You might need to learn more about these words before deciding which style will work best for you.

Differences between Modular Houses and Fine Line Homes

These are different ways of building roofs. Stick built is when the roofing trusses are made in our factory and then delivered to the job site where they are put up with cranes. When modular, the roofing trusses have hinged points, meaning that you can fold them up for transport. After the roof is built, the ridges are uncovered. Stick buildings have beams that support the floorboards in their house basement. Typical spacing can be 10 x 12 x 10 feet. Modular buildings need a shaft where each piece is assembled, and a post may be required within 4 feet of each one.

Can a Modular Home Be Built Faster?

The construction of modular homes is quicker than building a stick-built home. Modular homes are delivered to your location, and construction workers put them together. This can be an advantage because the builder will not have to go to your site before working on your house. It may take longer for you to build a modular home than it would if you were building one yourself. But this gives you time to watch builders work on your house and fix anything that needs changing before they finish.

Which Is Cheaper: Stick-Built Home vs. Modular?

There are two ways to pay for your home. The first way is to buy a house. The second way is to build one. Buying houses can be expensive due to the materials, but not always. Building your own home will cost less in some cases because you can use cheaper materials. It will also save on transporting them because they are modular parts. Although manufacturing modular homes is more reasonable, if you calculate the square footage of each house, it may be more affordable. Buying a stick-built home costs more money when you add in the cost of materials.

Disadvantages Of Modular Homes

It is essential to know the different parts of modular homes. They offer many advantages, but they are still not like traditional houses. You should not ignore their perceived importance. I sold a home that was a custom modular home in Franklin, MA, and it had its challenges, but eventually, it sold too after some time.

How Do Modular Home Sales Compare to Traditional Housing?

In general, modular home sales will happen just like stick-built homes. This is because the new modules are so good and better than before. You can tell because building quality was low before, and now it is high.

You can ask an experienced local realtor to see how the sale of modular homes has changed over time. Some people might think it is only in one region, but that is not always true. You should also find a new modular home sale in the area if your search involves you.

Modular Construction Has a More Complicated Loan Process

Mortgages for building houses on sticks are something people know. The repayment for modular homes needs some more steps. The building designer must pay in full before the house is done. They often need to make payments throughout the process to fund construction.

You could get a loan to build the house. Then you can take out a standard loan when it is built. Find a company that has many people and rates for loans. Sometimes it is hard to find the right kind of loan for one person’s needs in this type of situation. You can check out various construction loan costs before deciding what payment option you’ll use.

Issues with Selling a Modular Home

Builders and real estate agents know that modular houses are valuable pieces of property. Usually, when you move out, the house will have increased in value, just like a typical home. Occasionally, people looking at your house online may not want it because it is modular. These initial reactions could make selling your house more difficult.

Is Modular Home an Option for You?

If you plan to build a home, you should know that modular homes can be more expensive. But there are benefits to modular homes. If you meet someone who wants to build a home and wants a modular one, tell them about the other options available. You can also talk to their agent if they need help finding the right house for them.

Understand Land Restrictions

Some people do not like modular houses as much as mobile homes. Some neighborhoods will not allow you to build a modular house. When you want to build a house, make sure it is allowed and not restricted. Last year, a rule limited the construction of modular homes because people thought they were ugly and had terrible roofs.

Understand the Cost of Land

A modular house can cost more to build, but you will still have to buy land. The land plus the home can be costly for people who don’t know. You need to plan on buying land when you get a modular property. Sometimes, the homeowners do not know how much septic equipment they need. It might be worth thousands of dollars.

Perceived Quality Issues with Modular Housing

Modular houses are different from traditional houses because they have the same parts. A modular house might not be as good as a conventional house. Some people do not think that public perception matters, but it does take people to become familiar with these houses for a long time. One characteristic of a modular home is the concerned ceiling.

Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home

It is essential to get the answers to any questions about how your home should be designed before you start building. What are the most common questions about this? Make sure that you answer all these questions correctly. Sometimes people will be disappointed when they build their homes for various reasons. You should always check the contractor’s skills that you hire for this job.

The Evolution of Modular Homes

Home construction does not exist anymore. Sears Roebuck Co. has sold a lot of houses. Modular home construction became popular during World War II when there was a significant need for homes. But modular houses are not a new invention. They have existed for less than 20 years, so now there are many different modular homes to choose from.

Building Process

How are stick-built houses made? Let’s take a look at the differences. Stick-built houses are constructed from scratch on site, which follows various steps to build a custom home. This type of construction has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you can see how things are going and make changes if needed.

A disadvantage is that weather can change the way the house needs to be built or what materials need to be used. Sticking with a plan will not always work when it rains or snows outside where the house is being built.


Modular homes used to look similar to one another, but not anymore. Now that modular homes are the same as stick-built homes, you can choose a design you like. You might need an architect for help with designing your home. These photos show how modular homes are different from traditional home designs and lack distinctive characteristics.

Resale Value

Some people might not want modular homes because they think that their homes will lose value in the future. But this is not always true. Buying a house should be an investment, and when you purchase it, you should make sure that it is an investment. Compared to stick-built dwellings, there are differences in reselling price if the property was modular or not. This used to be true for modular homes, but now there isn’t any stigma about them anymore. Modular housing has become popular among homeowners lately.

Material Quality

To build a perfect modular house, you will need to buy suitable building materials. You want the material to last for a long time and be easy to work with. Wood is an example of this because it is strong and remains relatively simple to work with. If you use wood, it will last many years and remain easier to maintain. An excellent modular home design uses the same materials as site homes, so they should last for generations too!

Cost and Financing

Many people choose to build modular homes instead of buying them because it is cheaper. Recent census data showed that 71% of renters are looking for homes, and a survey shows why. Be happy because modular homes are generally more affordable than stick-built homes.


Most people want to buy a house in a short time. It can be bad when construction takes too long. If you rebuild after a disaster, your insurer might make you finish in a certain amount of time. When traditional home construction happens, it often takes longer than expected.

Modular vs. Stick-Built Cost in 2021

It can cost a lot to build a modular home. The cost of the finished house could be $113,000 or $200,000. Building it will cost more than $300k and less than $500k. But you can also change your home yourself for cheaper than if you had to hire someone to do it.

Protection from Elements

Modular houses can be built indoors and then sent to the location where they will stay. Building them inside helps keep the materials from temperature changes. That makes them stronger and keeps their shape from changing too much.


If you want your modular home to last, you need to take care of it. Make sure that the outside is always kept up. When people come in for an open house, they will notice that you take care of things. A modular home is a good choice because it has high-quality materials and lasts longer than most homes.


Modular homes are sometimes hard to tell the quality of. You need to know how long it took to build the house and what materials were used. The house’s lifespan is dependent on these things, too, like weather resistance and maintenance ability.

Is a Stick-Built Home the Same Quality as a Modular House?

Manufacturing conditions are good because they give you better control over the process. Modular houses are different depending on how they were built. Some companies use cheaper goods to cut costs. When planning your home, ask questions, find references, and evaluate your materials before deciding anything.

What Is Not Included in the Modular Company’s Price?

Usually, when you buy a modular home, the only costs are building and transporting the modules. You need to be sure that you have someone who can help to also put down concrete on the ground. Then they can attach the sections together.

This means that you have to do the physical work of building and repairing the building site. It also includes paying for the plumbing and plumbing system, like a septic system or sewer system. You need to know how to do this because some people cannot do it independently.

Benefits of Modular Homes

The advantages of modular dwelling construction should be stressed first, which makes this home appealing. This includes the following:

Modular Homes Now Have Higher Quality

Modular homes can often match traditional home designs and builders’ standards. The quality of modular homes might be better than other building products because they are made at a factory. The entire manufacturing process has an intense quality assurance system. Stick-built homes are also built from scratch in the land where they will be built, but contractors might not do an excellent job protecting lumber used in construction.

Speed of Construction With Modular Homes

Modular homes are built faster than houses that are made with wood. For example, it takes longer for a house to be built by traditional means than modular. This is because building materials often come from all over the country. All suppliers need to send these materials on time, which could go wrong sometimes. Modular homes can be built quickly because they use plenty of supplies.

Modular Homes Are Not Mobile Homes

Modular homes are houses that you can move to. They are called mobile or manufactured homes. Mobile homes were not an as good quality when they started being made, but now they have become better. Modular houses are more expensive than mobile houses, and their properties are sometimes shorter in size.

Modular Construction Offers Financing Options through the Manufacture

Some companies that make houses will let you borrow it if you buy it from them. It can be less expensive than having other people buy the house and then renting it to you, but sometimes it is not. You should research which is best for your situation.

Modular Homes Are Less Expensive.

You can save money on a modular home. It is cheaper to build, and there is less downtime. A modular home could be 15 – 30% cheaper than a traditional house or even more economical for constructing in an isolated area or far from the major manufacturing centers.

For more information about stick-built and modular homes, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stick Built Home vs. Modular

Is Stick-Built Cheaper than Modular Homes?

Modular homes are 10-20% cheaper than traditional homes. They cost between $250 and $150 per square foot. Modular homes can be any price for luxury houses, anywhere between $100 or $300 per square foot.

Is It Better to Build a House or Buy a Modular One?

Although modular homes are cheaper to build, they are usually more expensive when reselling them. Likewise, modular homes are more affordable to build because they come in bulk and ship all over the United States.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy a Modular Home?

Financing for this house can be complex. It is not like houses that are built traditionally. The problem with the financing is that it takes a long time to get it. People who want to buy modular homes have trouble getting funding for contractors’ fees on time.

What’s Cheaper Modular, or Stick-Built?

Generally, prices for modular homes are 10-20% higher than those of a “stick” home. Average prices for traditional stick-built homes are $175-$250 per sq. Modular homes can be purchased in some luxurious houses at $50 and more per sq.

Do Manufactured Homes Retain Their Value?

Factories build homes that are cheaper than other homes. The home’s value starts to decrease each day, just like how an automobile loses its price each day.

How Do You Tell If House Is Modular or Stick-Built?

The modular housing arrives in pieces and doesn’t need any beams to be taken out. The floor supports the system, and it never goes away. The metal posts are made by the modular housing company.

How Much Does a Stick-Built House Cost?

The average house is about 150-500 square feet. Some modular homes are smaller than that, but they might be more expensive. Costs can vary based on the location or size of the house. Modular homes are made near factories where people live nearby.