Wonder Boy

wonder boy

A poem by Elaina Jamrog

Your a few years older than me

You walk the halls like you are the king

You know my brother

That makes it awkward

I know you are on the cross country team

People say you run like the flash or quicksilver

I talked to you

You talked to me

I thought we were getting close to each other

I thought you were sharing things,

secret things with me

Then you started to back away

That’s ok

Wish you would have  given a sign

        Taken the time to consider how you feel about me

                 My feelings for you were their. Now they are vanished

                           You posted a picture you’re blushing bright red

She’s looking shy

I liked it I Looked at the comments

Your friends were saying you like her??

I couldn’t have been more idiotic

The thing that stuck

And stung like fire

Is that even after you posted that pic with her

You kept giving me some attention

Its like u want something but I don’t know what you are looking for

I thought you were different because you showed me how to be confident

How to not care about what other people thought

How to be me in this high school environment

Where everyone is picked on because of who they are

Answer me this

Are you going to prom with her?

What are you guys going to do that night

In 10 years will you think of me?

Or will I be an extra in the film off your life


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