Unsweetened Sounds: Ahomari Sings Clairo’s “Pretty Girl”


Unsweetened is excited to present our new video series highlighting emerging singer-songwriters who are raw, unapologetic voices shaping the South. First up is Ahomari, a gender non-conforming artist here in Columbia, South Carolina, who writes and performs experimental pop music and R&B as blue,girl and CYBERBAE. They just released an album for the latter last month, and you can catch their Indie … [Read more…]

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers Are Ready

Sarah Shook and the Disarmers (photo by John Gessner)

Watching Sarah Shook & the Disarmers’ star shoot straight through the atmosphere is righteous. Shook is a lightening rod for radical southern folks who’ve always felt that country music belonged to them. On the new album – just released today – she deepens that connection with a simple, furious mix of blood, sweat, and fucking … [Read more…]

Let’s Hear It for the Teachers!

Members of the Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Union, Local No. 42, protest the plight of women under the Ronald Reagan administration. International Women's Day march and rally, sponsored by the Metropolitan Atlanta chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, Atlanta, Georgia, March 1984.

  We dedicate this playlist to the teachers, the educators of our youth. You teach young people the tools to be thoughtful, creative, and successful human beings and we thank you for that. With your long hours of tying shoes, drying tears, stopping fights, giving praise, instilling pride, and fostering ambition, not to mention educating … [Read more…]

A Playlist for a Feminist Future: Spirituals and Freedom Songs

photo: History of African American Freedom Songs

Spirituals are religious folk songs closely associated with the enslavement of African people in the American South. Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist and former slave, wrote about singing spirituals in My Bondage and My Freedom (1855): “A keen observer might have detected in our repeated singing of ‘O Canaan, sweet Canaan, I am bound for the … [Read more…]