Florida Photographic Collection

A Woman’s Place Is in the House and the Senate: Florida’s Carrie Meek

Carrie Meek is a woman of many firsts. Born in 1926, the grand-daughter of sharecroppers, Meek grew up in Tallahassee, Florida, and attended Florida A & M University before heading to Michigan for her master’s degree, something not available to African Americans at Florida colleges at the time. She returned to Florida and taught at … [Read more…]

Mary Esther Gaulden, Giant Chromosomes of the Grasshopper Neuroblast, and NOW

One of NOW’s founders and South Carolina’s own, Mary Esther Gaulden (later Jagger), was born today in 1921 in Rock Hill. She studied music and biology at Winthrop University and received her PhD in biology at the University of Virginia, before putting her roots down in Dallas, as Professor of Radiology at the University of … [Read more…]

International Workers’ Day

In many countries around the globe, 1 May is International Workers’ Day—a celebration of the working class and labor. Though Labor Day in September is the equivalent in the United States, IWD commemorates events that took place in nineteenth century Chicago in which Lucy Parsons, an anarchist labor organizer and a native Texan, figured prominently.