Black and white photo of Lucy Parsons taken sometime during the 19th Century

Lucy Parsons: Southern Women and International Workers’ Day

In many countries around the globe, 1 May is International Workers’ Day—a celebration of the working class and labor. Though Labor Day in September is the equivalent in the United States, IWD commemorates events that took place in nineteenth century Chicago in which Lucy Parsons, an anarchist labor organizer and a native Texan, figured prominently. … [Read more…]

Southern Women and their Mysticism

Margaret Woodrow Wilson

You’ve been waiting and here it is. The Best of Margaret Woodrow Wilson! #3 She was acting First Lady for a year after her mom died in 1914. Her dad, President Woodrow Wilson, married another woman VERY quickly. #2 She was a classically trained vocalist and traveled extensively, singing for recovering World War I troops in … [Read more…]

Southern Women and their Demands

Ella Baker

On this day in 1960 “The Godmother of SNCC” brought together college students who had participated in that year’s sit-ins that swept the South. Ella Baker had managed to convince SCLC, a fairly new organization created on the heels of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, to hold a conference at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. … [Read more…]