Alice, Anita, and the NWP

5 June marks the anniversary of the official founding of the radical National Woman’s Party by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns in 1916 to advocate for women’s suffrage. The NWP began as an outgrowth of the Congressional Union, a faction formed by Paul and Burns in 1913 within the larger National American Woman Suffrage Association. … [Read more…]

Southern Suffragists and the 19th Amendment

On this date in 1919 the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution passed the Senate by a vote of fifty-six to twenty-five. This amendment prohibited any United States citizen being denied the right to vote on the basis of sex, and thus guaranteed women’s suffrage. The amendment was first introduced to Congress by California … [Read more…]

Southern Women and their Stories

Today in 1932, award-winning writer, Doris Betts, was born in Statesville, North Carolina. Her first collection of short stories, “The Gentleman Insurrection,” was published in 1954, and she became a Guggenheim Fellow four years later. Betts went on to publish several story short collections and novels. She taught creative writing at the University of North … [Read more…]

Southern Women and their Purple Shoes

Today is Martha Washington’s birthday. She was born on the Chestnut Grove Plantation in the British colony of Virginia in 1731, she is considered the first First Lady, and she was a lot wealthier than George Washington when they married. Here are five other things you should about Martha Washington: • She officially had three … [Read more…]

This Week in Politics

Yesterday, the SC legislature passed a long-overdue Criminal Domestic Violence bill in an effort to bring much-needed reform to a state with one of the worst records on domestic abuse. One of the chief debates over this legislation was the proposed gun ban for DV offenders. Second amendment advocates argued that there are already laws … [Read more…]