photo taken by Karla Turner

Abduction: How She Affected Me

In the formative years of my life, a girl not much older than I was, not too far from my hometown, was abducted. They found her bike less than a mile from where she lived–she had been riding it back to her house when he took her. She was almost home. Three years later, a … [Read more…]

Audubon’s Artist: Maria Martin Bachman

Plate 417, Maria's Woodpecker in upper-left corner. (Ornithological Biographay, vol. 5, p. 141).

This year marks the 230th anniversary of the birth of John James Audubon, the famed naturalist best known for his multivolume series Birds of America (published from 1827 through 1838). This work consisted of 435 life sized prints made from engraved plates based on Audubon’s paintings of birds found throughout the United States. Most of … [Read more…]

Music Farm Hosts Roller Derby Rock Show to Save Lives of Midlands Homeless Pets

Roller Derby Rock Show Graphic

  The ladies of Roller Derby Columbia QuadSquad and Richland County Regulators are teaming up with Music Farm Columbia on Thursday, August 6, 2015. They plan to raise awareness and, most importantly, money for Pawmetto Lifeline, a vital organization dedicated to protecting our community’s homeless dogs and cats. The Roller Derby Rock Show will feature … [Read more…]

Welcome to Auntie Bellum’s Mac Off!


Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Our editors, Brittany Braddock and Roxy Lenzo, host a battle royale to find the Best Mac in Soda City. Each month, we’ll bring you a review of three local restaurants’ mac and cheese. No mac is safe and neither are our waistlines. This month we run the gamut from fancy to frill-less: