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From the Mouths of Babes: Yik Yak at USC

As the University of South Carolina geared up to start their first day of school in the fall semester, I decided to look into Yik Yak, known as an online space where college students share their thoughts without reservation. Where better to look for truth than an anonymous message board system frequented by the young?

South by Southwest: Brother Adam Levine

photo taken by Karla Turner

Growing up, my mother could quantify any event in two periods of time: “8 days a week” and “a month of Sundays.” And while I am sure we could only really figure these time frames with an abacus and a pirate map, I know definitively that it meant a long period of time. So when … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Women in the News: August 23-29

Teaching in Tallahassee, 1955

photo credit: Florida Memory Project

From enslaved women taking control of their sexual heath, the trap of “celebrating” women, Serena Williams (again), and the ongoing violence against transgender women to the prevailing diversity of the South, Charleston’s Geechee culture, a curriculum for teaching Black Lives Matter, ending rape culture on campuses, and protecting domestic abuse survivors from eviction, this is … [Read more…]

Kitty Wells Talks Back with “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”

Kitty Wells, 1965

On May 3, 1952, Kitty Wells recorded “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels,” written by J. D. Miller, for Decca in Nashville. Despite being banned by the Grand Ole Opry and NBC, it still reached number one on the Billboard country charts, a first for a solo female artist, and set off a … [Read more…]

Our Southern Grandmothers: The Legend of Phyllis Player

We do not forget our kin here in the south. We know our roots run deep, and we know them each by name. Grandmothers keep family trees written in the fronts of their Bibles, and with them show their progeny exactly who they are and where they are from. We tell our children and our … [Read more…]