waiting room

Wild Wild World of Diagnosis: Sitting in the Waiting Room

Four months ago, I woke up and my hands were numb: a tingly sensation like they had fallen asleep. This would be no big deal if it had eventually gone away. Imagine wearing thick leather gloves in your everyday life, except those thick leather gloves also randomly stabbed you and made your joints ache. I … [Read more…]

I Am Your Straight Friend


I have a picture from San Francisco “gay pride,” sent to me by the first girl I ever kissed. Our love story began during a make-out party, when I was eighteen years old. I came of age with a group of kids who were comfortable pushing the boundaries out just a little further than the other … [Read more…]

Raising a Whisper to a Shout: A Three-Part Series on Ovarian Cancer; Part One: What You Need to Know


Thanks to successful public service campaigns and private marketing efforts, the public has become quite familiar with efforts to raise awareness of and funding for breast cancer treatment and research, and for that we are grateful. Over the next few days, we at Auntie Bellum would like to turn your attention to another less-publicized, and … [Read more…]

The Benefits of Telling the Worst Story You Know: A Portrait of a Habit


When it thunderstorms, I cannot help but think of the man who went outside on his porch, cursed God, and was promptly struck by lightning. I’m not sure he was real, as his story was relayed to me by my grandmother, and I have never had independent corroboration of his grisly death. Nonetheless, I have … [Read more…]

Southern Cover Girl: Desiree Richardson

Southern Cover Girl Desiree Richardson

Our newest Southern Cover Girl comes from Desiree Richardson performing Janelle Monae’s “Hell You Talmbout”. An amazing song choice and a brave woman to perform in the middle of Main Street in Columbia, SC, I was lucky enough to watch videographer Josh Rose and crew work their magic.     Auntie Bellum works to bring together … [Read more…]

Let’s Talk about Sex(ual) Education: Moving Beyond 1988

photo by David Stroble

1988: the year of Beetlejuice, questionable all-denim outfits, and the beloved Barbie Corvette. It was also a significant year for South Carolina—this was the year that the Comprehensive Health Education Act (Title 59, Act 32) was passed. CHEA requires our students to learn about reproductive health, pregnancy prevention, sexual assault prevention, community and environmental health, … [Read more…]