Behind the scenes of The Prairie Willow's "Whiskey" Video shoot with Jose Rose, Lyon Hill, Kimi Maeda, and Jennifer Hill.

AB debuts The Prairie Willow’s “Whiskey” Video

  The Prairie Willows are great recorded and incredible live, but be prepared to be blown away by their “Whiskey” collaboration with Lyon Hill, Kimi Maeda, and Jennifer Hill. The slinky shadow puppet show debuted at the Indie Grits Spork in Hand Puppet Slam and AB got the chance to bring them together with videographer Josh … [Read more…]

The Sound of a Community Rallying

illustration by Daniel Bein

South Carolina was clobbered by floodwaters last week, and today’s rain is a painful reminder of how fragile the recovery process is, but, ya’ll, my heart swells with all of the good will driving the relief effort. Churches, schools, local businesses, and even bands are doing everything they can. Here’s what our local musicians have … [Read more…]

An Updated Roundup for SC Flood Relief Information and Resources

illustration by Daniel Bein

As South Carolina flood recovery efforts begin, we are inspired by the community’s efforts to mobilize volunteers and deliver much-needed supplies. We’ve put together this link round up for anyone needing information on how to help or get help as needed. If you know of anything we’ve missed, please feel free to comment on the … [Read more…]

1000 Year Flood Event

photo by Meeghan Kane of local Columbia home that was flooded to the eaves yesterday.

Dear Readers, Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the devastation occurring in South Carolina and the Southeast. We are lucky that all of our editors and their families are safe, but have seen first hand lots of damage in our prospective neighborhoods. Auntie Bellum will continue to strive to be an honest, unapologetic … [Read more…]

Naiad Press: Pulp Fiction and Banned Nuns

Lesbian Nuns: Breaking the Silence

Barbara Grier and Donna McBride founded Naiad Press, the nation’s first publisher of lesbian literature, in 1973. The two met in 1967 at a Kansas City library. Grier was known as “that woman” who asked for “those books,” and McBride was a librarian. In Tallahassee, Florida, a few years later, they turned “those books” into … [Read more…]

I Am Grateful

illustration by Daniel Bein

I am writing this letter in defense of Planned Parenthood. Not because of their sex education, reduced-price contraception, or STI testing. Not because of their cancer screenings and prevention or because of any of their other health services that benefit women. I am writing this letter in defense of the elephant in the room: abortion. … [Read more…]