Giving Tuesday

In honor of Giving Tuesday, and with the money left over from our Small Business Saturday shopping sprees, we rounded up a list of some of our favorite local nonprofits who are doing great things in South Carolina. Congaree Riverkeeper The Congaree Riverkeeper association works hard to protect and improve the waters of the Congaree, … [Read more…]

Protecting Black Women, Something Else Rosa Parks Did Well

Rosa Parks in 1955

There’s always a good reason to celebrate the courage and determination of Rosa Parks, but sixty years ago today, she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Everyone knows that, though. They know that her protest led to a massive yearlong (and successful) boycott of the … [Read more…]

Wild, Wild World of Diagnosis: A Small Window of Relief


I am an acupuncture newbie. I don’t understand the whats, hows, or whys. All I know is the second round of needles brought relief. The room stopped spinning. The gloves came off, I could feel my hands! The numbness dissipated. I felt wide awake for the first time in days, weeks, months. It was beautiful. … [Read more…]

Raising a Whisper to a Shout: A Three-Part Series on Ovarian Cancer; Part Three: There’s an App for That

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.08.32 AM

Thanks to successful public service campaigns and private marketing efforts, the public has become quite familiar with efforts to raise awareness of and funding for breast cancer treatment and research, and for that, we are grateful. Over the next few days, we at Auntie Bellum would like to turn your attention to another less-publicized, and … [Read more…]

“A Serious Dirty Picture?”: Lynda Benglis and Her Plastic Attack

lynda benglis

“A Serious Dirty Picture?” New York Times art critic John Correy asked in November 1974. He was referring to an advertisement in Artforum magazine bought and paid for by sculptor Lynda Benglis to support her upcoming exhibit. The image (really, really NSFW) featured a tan-lined and naked Benglis sporting sunglasses and a massive dildo. It … [Read more…]

A Southern Baptist Polyamorous Thanksgiving

polyamorous thanksgiving II

I’m a bisexual, progressive, southern, agnostic, feminist who comes from a long line of baptist ministers. My parents were both ministers throughout my childhood; my dad’s brother remains the pastor of one of the biggest and oldest baptist churches in Richmond, Virginia; and my cousin is the pastor of a more progressive baptist church in … [Read more…]