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“No Ma’am”

In the spring of 1993 I decided to abandon the land-line greeting my parents demanded of us, which was a casual, “Thomas Residence, Katie speaking” for the less formal, “Hello?” I decided those manners were too formal for my Kelly Tayloresque lifestyle. It was also the only time my Mother claims to have experienced chest … [Read more…]

Am I making you uncomfortable? Combating street harassment in the digital age.

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Street harassment – you know what it is, and it’s nothing new. With the advent of smartphones and social media, however, it’s been taken to a whole new level. As if the catcalls, groping, and flashing we have experienced while walking down the street weren’t enough, now the “game” has been ratcheted up a notch to … [Read more…]

The Sound of Otherness

sounds of otherness III

Back in September, the Nickelodeon hosted a screening of filmmaker David Thorpe’s documentary. It opens with a busload of up-speaking men, their chatter building into a crescendo preceding the title, “Do I Sound Gay?” The film is a snapshot of a moment in Thorpe’s life in which he explores, via voice lessons and interviews, what … [Read more…]

An “American Boy” Gets His Doll

Photo Credit: Gina DeMillo Wagner

All politics is local, right? That adage, usually invoked in reference to elections and government services, is no different when discussing gender politics. In fact, one mom who needed an innovative solution to a problem involving her child brought gender politics to that most local of places last week – her home. Gina DeMillo Wagner’s … [Read more…]