A Week’s Worth of Women in the News

Photo via Wikicommons

Photo via WikiCommons

Oh, no! Everyone’s on vacation! Who’s going to do the Week’s Worth of Women in the News?


So, I guess that’d be me then . . .  [wishes she’d kept her mouth shut]


First off, who didn’t get a little choked up during Michelle’s speech on Trump? So good…
First Lady Michelle Obama Slams Trump’s Treatment of Women
ABC News


And then there was this…
Women Form Human Chain Outside Trump Tower: ‘Pussy came To Shut It Down!’
Emma Whitford, Gothamist


AND the return of Wonder Woman! Well, sort of…
UN Picks Powerful Feminist (Wonder Woman) for Visible Job (Mascot)
Somini Sengupta, The New York Times


Who doesn’t love Doc McStuffins, the successful animated kids show featuring a young girl of color as an aspiring doctor? Great role model, right? Well, it turns out that was built on exploiting a young girl of color.
‘Doc McStuffins’ voice actress sues Disney over merchandise revenue, suit says she was on single-day contracts
ihobbs, Blavity


“Where do you even begin when talking to your kid about consent? It’s a hard conversation to have, but it’s a necessary one.” So true. But now there’s help.
This mom’s cute video is the perfect way to teach kids about consent
Emily Rivas, Today’s Parent


When Trump supporters sunk to a new low with #repealthe19th, women’s rights supporters quickly turned it around.
Women’s Rights Advocates Coopt #repealthe19th
Aimee Ortiz, The Boston Globe


“I am not mad at Donald Trump. I expect no more from him than I would expect from a cockroach. At least a cockroach knows that when you turn on the light it should hide.”
Grab Her
Christie Chisolm, Today


After a new Danish study on birth control and depression produced some scary headlines, NPR tries to set the record straight about exactly what the study does and does not say.
Does Some Birth Control Raise Depression Risk? That’s Complicated
Tara Haelle, NPR


Bjork! And sexuality!
Björk Addresses Her Sexuality And The World Will Never Be The Same
Devon Preston, Bust


Rush Limbaugh suggests ‘the left’ is too uptight about sex having to be consensual: ‘here come the rape police’
Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News

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