Little Red Riding Hood by Carl Larssen (1881)

Fairy Tale Truths and the #MeToo Moment

TW: rape, sexual assault In the jigsaw puzzle of culture, feminism and fairy tales do not fit together well. Damsels in distress, dependent on dashing Princes on noble steeds charging to their rescue, do not provide the kind of role models we women wish for ourselves or the whip-smart, brave girls surrounding us. But if … [Read more…]

The Hanukkah heroine we need this holiday season


The tale of Hanukkah is a simple one: a righteous man and his family, the Maccabees, stand up to their oppressors and are rewarded with a relatively minor miracle, that of the oil needed to maintain the reclaimed synagogue’s eternal light lasting not one day but eight. Every year, usually in December, we gather with … [Read more…]

Sounds from a Feminist South, an Unsweetend Mix

Pauline Oliveros, 2012 (photo by Penar Temiz)

  Hooray, Alabama! Or at least the 97 percent of black women and 30 percent of white women 🙁 who elected Doug Jones this week – or, most importantly, sent Roy Moore back to his windowless van down by the river. Now, onto the music. This week, we have blues and pop, some politically-charged rock, … [Read more…]

How Black Women Are Helping to Turn Alabama Blue

Screen grab (Doug Jones campaign footage)

Southern Rural Black Women Are Using Political Power to Transform the Southern Narrative ~Don’t just say thank you to a black woman. Do better, be better, Alabama~ The righteous have spoken in Alabama as the world watched in election speculation. Black southern rural women in the poorest counties in the state turned out in high … [Read more…]