Sarah Rudy On Hello June, Claiming the Lead Guitar, and Life on “Mars”

Sarah Rudy of Hello June (photo by Josh Saul)

Indie rock trio Hello June have been knocking around West Virginia for some time now, but after an NPR-boosted release from the upcoming album, they should be singing in everyone’s ears by now. Their debut LP Spruce called to mind the 90s-era atmospheric pop of indie rock star, Juliana Hatfield, with a heavy, rock n roll impulse.  Their … [Read more…]

A Playlist for a Feminist Future: Back to School

grease 2

  It’s that time of year! We’ll watch kids go off to school, and some of us return return as students, teachers, and staff. Despite the continuing crisis surrounding the funding of our public schools and the ridiculous reality of a person named Betsy DeVos, let’s celebrate what can be learned at our schools and … [Read more…]

A Playlist for a Feminist Future: The Road Trip

Valerie June, 2013 (photo by Clément Caron)

Hop in the car and turn the stereo up loud. From Little Rock, Arkansas to Charleston, South Carolina to New Orleans, we are road-tripping across the southeast to check out some of our favorite feminist musicians while checking out the local sites. This bluesy-punk playlist has soul and twang. You can also listen to these … [Read more…]

For Those at a Loss: We Have Work to Do

Community Forum on Black America, Minneapolis, 2016 (photo by Tony Webster)

Anthony Kennedy’s retirement doesn’t change much of the Supreme Court’s actual decision calculus, considering that Kennedy voted with the conservative portion of the court in thirteen 5-4 decisions in this term alone. The panic people are feeling about Kennedy’s retirement is, I feel, the removal of a safety valve that liberals thought existed on the … [Read more…]