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blue,girl’s Ahomari Talks Defiance, Pain, and Pushing the Boundaries on See Through

In October, blue,girl released their latest album, See Through – a lush pop album, rebellious and beautiful. This time, singer-songwriter Ahomari and their longtime collaborator Sean enlisted bassist Marceline and Kiwyon, who played drums and synth on the album. With a full band, they’ve crafted a stunning album of pop songs that live and breath … [Read more…]

The Downs on Southern Manners, Laughing Through the Pain, and Their New Americana Sound

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Atlanta-born musician Jenn Downs is a thoughtful storyteller with a punk rock sensibility, who breaks your heart and makes you laugh in equal measure. Along with her band mate and partner Koby Downs, they are a bold duo, making acoustic Americana indie rock that borrows from the best of that genre and bleeds raw, original folk … [Read more…]

The Hate Experienced, The Expectant Hope

photo courtesy of the Florida Memory Project

There is not anything necessarily everyday about racism, unless you happened to be black or brown. The network MSNBC months ago aired “Everyday Racism” a town hall that included segments from African Americans voicing their truths and experiences with racism, bigotry, and hate. The emotional toll of racism and acts of bias pulsed through the … [Read more…]